Thank you for showing interest in Fluidsys Training Centre, Bangalore. The training centre provides training in the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and PLC. The training centre has established all the necessary infrastructure including the most advanced trainer kits for the effective delivery of the training programmes. Our library displays a collection of books pertaining to the fluid power topics. We consider the success of our trainees to be the primary standard for our own success. We believe in taking care of each other, partnering with our clients and striving to exceed their expectations.


To become a top-class training provider pertaining to the field of fluid power for the benefit of professionals and students.


To equip our trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of fluid power to serve the fluid power community through the sharing of knowledge.

  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

The Hydraulic Section offers a wide spectrum of courses covering topics such as the theory of hydraulics, hydraulic symbols, electro-hydraulics, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic circuits, hydraulic maintenance and safety, etc. The trainees will learn about hydraulic pumps, actuators, sensors, timers, and counters. They will also learn about the symbols of hydraulic and electrical components. They will be able to read and understand hydraulic and electro-hydraulic circuits. They will be familiarized with hydraulic circuit simulation using software packages. These courses provide the trainees with valuable ‘hands-on’ experience on trainer kits using industry-standard components designed to simulate industrial hydraulic systems. At the end of the courses, the trainees will be able to design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components and systems.


The Pneumatic Section offers a range of courses including basic and advanced topics on pneumatics and electro-pneumatics. The trainees will learn about pneumatic and electrical control components and the circuits using these components. They will also be familiarized with pneumatic circuit simulation using software packages. After completion of the courses, the trainees will get an in-depth understanding of pneumatic components and systems, and their applications, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits, and industrial automation. These courses provide the engineers, operators and maintenance personnel of pneumatic systems with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems.


The Training Centre is responsible for identifying, creating, and providing opportunities for the professional development of the trainers. This will enhance and build their capacity, skills, excellence, and professionalism to enable them to contribute effectively in the training programmes.  Our training courses are handled by competent faculty.


Outstation participants may book their accommodation to any of the hotels/PGs nearby. If you need any help in this regard, please contact the training centre.


Joji P is the founder Director of Fluidsys Training Centre, Bangalore. For most of his career spanning more than 20 years, he organized and conducted training programs in the Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/ Electrical Labs at Foremen Training Institute, Bangalore. He speaks about the topics related to Pneumatics, Electro-pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electro-hydraulics, and PLC. He has written a number of books in the area of fluid power. He regularly shares his technical knowledge and ideas on his blog. A brief account of his experience is as follows:

  • Retired as Joint Director of Training, Directorate General of Training, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, New Delhi. (2015-16).
  • Vast experience as a trainer in the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) at Foremen Training Institute, Bangalore under the Directorate General of Training, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. (1994-2015). 

Institutional Member of Fluid Power Society of India.

1. A series of 32 books have been published by the main faculty Joji Parambath


2. Pneumatic Controls, WILEY India, 2008, by Joji P
Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic controls is an introductory textbook designed to provide technical information needed as a foundation for dealing with pneumatic components, circuit diagrams and systems. Educating people to properly use pneumatic power is vitally important as there is a widespread use of pneumatics in industry. Therefore, the book has been designed to teach students, engineers and technicians the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of various operating principles of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems and their controls. The aim is to integrate all information including circuit ideas and maintenance aspects of pneumatics at one place.


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