Fluidsys Training Centre, Bangalore

Fluidsys Training Centre is a leading institution offering a broad range of pneumatic and hydraulic training courses. The practical-based training courses are designed and delivered systematically. Topics on the safety aspects of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, functions and symbols of system components, their typical control circuits, design of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and maintenance & troubleshooting aspects of fluid power systems are handled by expert faculty with the help of well-developed and up-to-date PowerPoint presentations, simulation software packages, and videos for quick learning. We assure a professional delivery of the learning content for the quick understanding of the subject matter and desired professional advancement to identify the components, develop circuits, trace drawings, and maintain & troubleshoot fluid power systems. Every learner can also expect personal attention during the training course.

The training centre has scheduled a long-term course on Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Advanced Level. The training centre conducts many short-term courses in Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and PLC. You may prefer to join any of our scheduled short-term courses. The training centre is also prepared to conduct internship courses for engineering college/ polytechnic students and tailor-made and onsite courses as per the requirements of colleges or industries. 

If you are on the lookout for pneumatic and hydraulic training, Fluidsys Training Centre is the best place you can always depend on. 


Fluidsys offers the following 8-week advanced-level long-term course on Pneumatics and Hydraulics to ambitious young graduates as well as professionals in the industry: 

Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Advanced Level

The course coverage includes basic pneumatics, basic hydraulics, basic electro-pneumatics & electro-hydraulics, advanced pneumatics, advanced electro-pneumatics, advanced hydraulics, PLC, design of pneumatic systems, design of hydraulic systems, and soft skills.

Textbooks, workbooks, Safety goggles, and many other educational resources required for the training are provided.

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Fee: Rs. 28320 [Rs. 24000 + Rs. 4320 (18% GST)]

Course fees may be paid in 2 Installments

1st Installment – Rs. 14160/- [Rs 12000 + Rs. 2160 (GST)] at the time of joining

2nd Installment – Rs. 14160/- [Rs. 12000 + Rs. 2160 (GST)] at the beginning of the 5th week

Next Course: 07/08/23 to 29/09/23


Bachelor of Engineering/Technology or  Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science Engineering


Suitably qualified professionals, who want to upgrade their qualifications, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Pneumatics and Hydraulics


The details of course contents are provided on the menu page ‘Training’


Fluidsys imparts many industry-relevant short-term training courses on Pneumatics and Hydraulics. The courses deal with the functions, types, construction, parameters, and characteristics of components of industrial pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Typical circuits are simulated using a simulation software package followed by practical exercises (except for design courses). The following pneumatic and hydraulic courses are designed to properly understand the component-level, circuit-level, and design-level of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

1. Industrial Hydraulics– Basic Level

The course coverage includes Hydraulic safety, Hydraulic fundamentals, Hydraulic fluids, Filters, Power packs (Reservoir, Pumps, and PRVs), Actuators (Cylinders and Motors), Directional control valves, Symbols, Check valves, Flow control valves, pressure control valves, Seals, Accumulators, Fluid conductors, and Maintenance & troubleshooting aspects. The tracing of industrial hydraulic circuits will be an added advantage.

Duration: 10 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 11800 [Rs. 10000 + Rs. 1180 (18% GST)]

Next scheduled Course: 19/06/23 to 30/06/23

A textbook, workbook, safety goggles, and many other educational resources required for the training are provided.

2. Pneumatic controls – Basic Level

The course coverage includes the generation and conditioning of compressed air, actuators (Cylinders & rotary actuators), directional control valves, symbols as per ISO 1219, flow control valves, concepts of automation, implementation of semi-automation and complete automation, logic controls, pneumatic timers, pneumatic counters, pressure sequence valve, fluid conductors, and maintenance, troubleshooting and safety aspects of pneumatic systems.

Duration: 5 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7080 [Rs. 6000 + Rs. 1080 (GST)]

Next Scheduled Course: 12/06/23 to 16/06/23

3. Electro-pneumatics and Automation – Basic Level

The course deals with the functions, types, and symbols of the following components of electro-pneumatic systems: Single and double solenoid valves, Electro-magnetic relays, Momentary/Maintained contact PBs, Limit switches, Proximity sensors, Reed switches, Timers, Counters, Pressure switch. The following electro-pneumatic control circuits are developed and simulated using a software package, and implemented on trainer boards: Direct/indirect controls, Logic controls, Latching circuits, memory circuits using double solenoids, Semi-automatic and fully automatic controls, Circuits for timing and counting functions, Circuits with pressure switch, etc.

Duration: 4 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7080 [Rs. 6000 + Rs. 1080 (GST)]

Next Course: On-demand, provided a free slot is available

4. Design of Industrial Hydraulic Systems

The course covers the sizing of hydraulic actuators, pumps, reservoirs, valves, accumulators, and fluid conductors. Simple hydraulic systems are designed with the help of Excel sheet templates.

Duration: 5 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7080 [Rs. 6000 + Rs. 1080 (GST)]

Next Course: On-demand, provided a free slot is available

5. Design of Pneumatic Systems

The course covers the sizing of compressors, pneumatic actuators, and valves. Simple pneumatic systems will be designed.

Duration: 4 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7080 [Rs. 6000 + Rs. 1080 (GST)]

Next Course: On-demand, provided a free slot is available

6. Programmable Logic Controllers with Pneumatic (or Hydraulic) Applications

The course covers the following topics: Hardware and software aspects of PLC, Ladder programs for the control of single and multiple actuator pneumatic (or hydraulic) systems using programming elements like NO, NC, Coil, Timer, Set, Reset, and Counter. The implementation of the programs is carried out using pneumatic or hydraulic trainer boards.

Duration: 4 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 7080 [Rs. 6000 + Rs. 1080 (GST)]

Next Course: On-demand, provided a free slot is available

7. Human Machine Interface (HMI)

[Using OMRON NB Designer]

Duration: 3 Days

Tuition Fee: Rs. 8000 + 18% GST

Next Course: On-demand, provided a free slot is available

Bank Details:

Name: Fluidsys Training Centre Private Limited

Bank Name: State Bank of India, Jalahalli (Bangalore)

Account No. 36698600097

IFSC Code: SBIN0000963

Type of Account: Current Account

Note: Under GST, services are classified under Service Accounting Code (SAC) System. Based on the SAC code, we are coming under the SAC code 999293 with the description ‘Commercial Training and Coaching Services’ and an 18% GST rate has been fixed for this service.


We also handle pneumatic and hydraulic courses, including those mentioned above as well as listed below, upon demand. You may contact the Training Centre to fix the course content and reserve the time slot. 

  1. Electro-pneumatics – Advanced Level (3 Days) Rs. 8000
  2. Maintenance and Safety of Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems (2 Days) Rs. 6000
  3. Fluidsim-P / Fluidsim-H (2 Days)

Contact Us for Your Pneumatic and Hydraulic Training Requirements

The schedule of long-term and short-term courses can be obtained from the page CALENDAR on our website.

You may apply for the pneumatic and hydraulic courses by visiting our CONTACT page and submitting relevant information. 

There are only limited seats for all the courses.

Call us at 7338385505 or email us at info@fluidsys.org


Training courses can be scheduled with flexible timing options:

Day-time Courses: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Evening Courses: 6 pm to 9 pm

Weekend Courses: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Cavitation can be distinguished by the loud popping noise it makes. The collapsing bubbles create certain vibration patterns, which help in detecting cavitation. Early detection of cavitation minimizes pump damage and reduces downtime

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