A comprehensive resource for Paperback, hardcover and Kindle eBooks on Pneumatics and Hydraulics authored by Joji Parambath, Main faculty at Fluidsys Training Centre.

Fluid Power Educational Series Books

  1. Pneumatic Systems and Circuits -Basic Level (In the SI Units)
  2. Industrial Pneumatics -Basic Level (In the English Units)
  3. Pneumatic Systems and Circuits -Advanced Level
  4. Electro-Pneumatics and Automation
  5. Design of Pneumatic Systems (In the SI Units)
  6. Design Concepts in Pneumatic Systems (In the English Units)
  7. Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Safety in Pneumatic Systems
  8. Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits -Basic Level (In the SI Units)
  9. Industrial Hydraulics -Basic Level (In the English Units)
  10. Hydraulic Fluids
  11. Hydraulic Filters: Construction, Installation Locations, and Specifications
  12. Hydraulic Power Packs (In the SI Units)
  13. Power Packs in Hydraulic Systems (In the English Units)
  14. Hydraulic Cylinders (In the SI Units)
  15. Hydraulic Linear Actuators (In the English Units)
  16. Hydraulic Motors (In the SI Units)
  17. Hydraulic Rotary Actuators (In the English Units)
  18. Hydraulic Accumulators and Circuits (In the SI Units)
  19. Accumulators in Hydraulic Systems (In the English Units)
  20. Hydraulic Pipes, Tubes, and Hoses (In the SI Units)
  21. Pipes, Tubes, and Hoses in Hydraulic Systems (In the English Units)
  22. Design of Industrial Hydraulic Systems (In the SI Units)
  23. Design Concepts in Industrial Hydraulic Systems (In the English Units)
  24. Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Safety in Hydraulic Systems
  25. Hydrostatic Transmissions (HSTs) (In the SI Units)
  26. Concepts of Hydrostatic Transmissions (In the English Units)
  27. Load Sensing Hydraulic Systems (In the SI Units)
  28. Concepts of Load Sensing Hydraulic Systems (In the English Units)
  29. Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valves
  30. Electro-hydraulic Servo Valves
  31. Cartridge Valves
  32. Electro-hydraulic Systems and Relay Circuits
  33. Programmable Logic Controllers and Programming Concepts
  34. Compressed Air Dryers
  35. Hydraulic Circuits – Identification of Components and Analysis

Practical Books

  1. Practical Book: Pneumatics – Basic Level
  2. Practical Book: Electro-pneumatics – Basic Level
  3. Practical Book: Industrial Hydraulics – Basic Level

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Fluid power technology is expanding and as fascinating as ever. Fluid power systems provide the muscle power to run the machines with the smoothest control possibilities. Many professionals are designing, constructing, and maintaining pneumatic and hydraulic systems every day. Several budding engineers are initiated into the technology of fluid power now and then. Therefore, the spread of technological information on fluid power is essential for the advancement of fluid power technology.


The textbooks are written to spread the knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics. The language of these books is simple, the topics in each book are logically arranged, and information is most up-to-date.

Why are these books important?

A fluid power professional should possess exceptional knowledge about fluid powerfor his/her continuing professional development and career advancement. A faculty or a student in an engineering institution must acquire the knowledge of fluid powerto upgrade his/her knowledge. As the knowledge and skill of the reader improve, professional life is undoubtedly going to be more outstanding and comfortable.

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