TUV Rheinland Certified Qualification – Professional in Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Advanced Level

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Fluidsys Training Centre Pvt Ltd

Bangalore, India


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Fluidsys Training Centre, Bangalore offers an advanced-level course in the field of Pneumatics and Hydraulics. The systematic training offered by the training centre is mainly intended for Degree/Diploma holders in the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science branches. After successful completion of the training, participants will be able to follow the safety practices of fluid power systems, identify and specify pneumatic and hydraulic components, develop/interpret pneumatic and hydraulic circuits, design simple pneumatic and hydraulic systems, carry out proper maintenance and troubleshooting of pneumatic and hydraulic systems. 


‘Professional in Pneumatics and Hydraulics – Advanced Level with TUV Rheinland Certified Qualification’



6 weeks


Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology / Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, or Computer Science Engineering


Suitably qualified professionals, who want to upgrade their qualifications, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Course dates for 2021-22:

(1) From 01/02/21 To 12/03/21 (30 Weekdays)

(2) From 24/05/21 To 02/07/21 (30 Weekdays)

(3) From 27/09/21 To 05/11/21 (30 Weekdays)

(4) From 31/01/22 To 11/03/22 (30 Weekdays)


The competence of participants will be assessed by the independent assessment agency ‘TUV Rheinland’


Personnel certification is offered to successful participants with a minimum of 67% marks, by TUV Rheinland

Brief course content:

Pneumatics: Safety practices, Industrial prime movers, Compressed air generation and treatment, Pneumatic actuators, Valves and control circuits, Electro-pneumatics, Multiple-actuator pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits, Pneumatic applications, Design, and Maintenance and troubleshooting of pneumatic systems.

Hydraulics: Safety practices, Hydraulic fundamentals, Fluids, Filters, Power packs, Pumps, Pressure relief valves, Linear actuators, Rotary actuators, Hydrostatic transmission (HST), Directional control valves, Non-return valves, Flow control valves, Pressure control Valves, Accumulators, Seals, Fluid conductor system, Electro-hydraulics, Proportional valve system, Servo valve system, Basics of cartridge valve systems, Load Sensing Systems, Applications of hydraulic systems, Design of hydraulic systems, Preventive maintenance & troubleshooting of hydraulic systems.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): Hardware and software aspects, Programming with pneumatic/ hydraulic applications

Employability Skills: Stress Management, Decision Making & Problem Solving, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Time Management, Communication Skills, and Emotional Intelligence.


8 Max | Admission on first-come-first-served basis

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Fluidsys Training Centre Pvt Ltd

No. 7, 2nd Cross, Near WIMAC Circle/MNTI, K G Halli

Jalahalli West, Bangalore, 560015 INDIA

Mobile: 07338385505

email: info@fluidsys.org | Website: https://fluidsys.org

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